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Generate Leads Faster Than Humans With Miss Pepper AI

It takes another AI to keep pace with Google's AI; it's just hard for people with a keyboard to keep up. Miss Pepper AI is an organic lead machine, designed to rank your site and bring more leads. B2B clients see an increase within a month, B2C clients within two to three months. 

Miss Pepper AI is a first of its kind marketing algorithm, focused on-page and off-page optimization. Coupled with Pepper ID, she is the organic lead machine you don't want your competitors to know about.

"Miss Pepper increased website traffic 4x."

Why work with us

Miss Pepper knows how to dance circles around Google’s AI and she even knows what his current favorite music is. He is on the job 24/7 and so is she. Just as Google’s AI is not a robot doing automation; Miss Pepper “thinks” like he does.

She learns WHAT content Google's AI is ranking today and doesn't stop at a few keywords; she covers all of them. Being a lady she works exclusively with one company locally or one in a specific national category.

Content Google Loves

Miss Pepper speaks Google AI's love language and knows what content will have him fall in love with your company, rank you, and make you an authority in your industry.

She researched the sectors that are currently working for enterprise-level companies & local businesses to provide rankings for her favorites.

No Long-Term Contract

She is so confident because she gets results way quicker than mere humans can.

We don't believe in locked-in contracts and agreements, so we simply don't do them.

She Handles Everything

Miss Pepper keeps tabs on what's important to Google's AI – CONSTANTLY!

Humans just can’t keep up; she doesn’t take a break.

She researches what appeals to Google’s AI right now, in real time and uses that information to rank her clients. He is on the job 24/7 and so is she.

Meet Miss Pepper's Creator

Dan Kurtz has been a marketing mercenary for hire since 2006.

  • Interned at Google's New York Datacenter.
  • Part of the team at Bing that integrated Google Ads into Bing Ads and troubleshoot the platform.
  • At Nielsen he spear-headed integrating their demographic data into Facebooks data to serve clients like McDonald's, AMC TV, and dozens of others, during the Cambridge Analytica scandal. (He could tell you stories)

After years of working in agencies as a marketing director, what drove him crazy was all the complaints he got from clients regarding their SEO.

He created Miss Pepper out of necessity to better serve clients and agencies to actually get them results. Miss Pepper was the missing piece of the puzzle that clients didn't know they needed or wanted for their business. Miss Pepper addresses all the things that he didn’t like about SEO and solved them flawlessly.

Meet Miss Pepper's Team


Pepper's Manager

Bob, CMO

Pepper's Promoter

Dan, CTO

Pepper's Agent

Mary, COO

Pepper's Producer

What Miss Pepper AI Does For You

As a cutting-edge AI Pepper builds SEO content that search engines LOVE. Don't just rank somewhere on the 1st page DOMINATE IT!

Keeps up with Google AI's Changes

It's tough when Google's AI keeps changing what he is looking for. It's also difficult to keep up with the changes and see what is working. In this digital era, what works today may not work tomorrow.

gets all the relevant Keywords

When working with humans you have to pick a limited number of keywords and you can often miss out on customers because you don't have the keywords that get fewer clicks, but really convert. Miss Pepper ranks ALL THE KEYWORDS relevant to your business.

Creates Content that Google's aI Loves

Are you frustrated with how Google's AI keeps changing what topics they consider engaging? Miss Pepper creates unique content that gets Google AI’s attention. She speaks his love language and knows what content will have Google’s AI fall in love with your company

No Long-term contract

It's frustrating to get lock into an expensive contract with sketchy results. It's even worse when you then have to pay extra to get everything you need. With Miss Pepper it’s a simple month-to-month agreement.

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