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Utilizing cutting-edge technology and AI, Miss Pepper helps you get more visibility, calls, inquiries, and customers from Google My Business by getting you into the local 3-pack. 

Get your business showing up where it matters: in front of where your customers are searching the most.

Who Is Miss Pepper?

Miss Pepper is a first of its' kind AI system, specifically focused on helping localized businesses to dominate their local markets, specifically with their Google My Business listing to hit the top of the local 3-pack. 

With over 60% of local service inquiries coming from Google My Business, coupled with consumers getting more focused on spending with Main Street and local businesses, it's the perfect time to capitalized on a section of your business that could be bringing you the lion's share of local buyers.

Miss Pepper knows this, and knows what it takes to drive local consumers directly to your listings, helping you rise to the top of the pack and staying there for the long term.

Utilizing hyper local targeting, precise keywords, and geographical relevance, Miss Pepper aims to increase the usability and optimization of your listings. Think SEO for local, but without the exorbitant price tag.  

 How It Works

There are dozens of things that Miss Pepper does under the hood, but these 4 components are the core of what makes her great at her job of RANKING BUSINESSES on Google. It takes an AI to keep up with Google's AI.

Hyper Local Targeting

Miss Pepper assists in getting your business to show up for ALL the right keywords, in all the locations that you serve.

Listing Optimization

A good foundation for getting more customers is giving Google's AI what it wants and Miss Pepper dances circles around him.

Domination, Simplified

Miss Pepper's clients see a vast difference in calls, inquiries, and customers in a shorter timeframe.

The Missing Piece

Google My Business is the final part of the local marketing puzzle, and Miss Pepper strives to deliver.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I Need To Provide Anything?

You would just need to grant Pepper access to your Google My Business so she can utilize proprietary algorithms to determine what plan of attack is best for your business, and to execute. 

Also, Pepper will provide reporting for you so you can track progress which doesn't hurt, either. 

Is This Safe For My Business?

Yes! Pepper Local knows what Google is looking for, and abides by their guidelines to give them what they're looking for. There's no worry of spam or any black-hat operations endangering your business.

What Kind Of Results Does Miss Pepper Provide?

When it comes down to it, Pepper Local is an algorithmic AI that works in conjunction with Google's algorithm to provide higher rankings in the Map Pack, which will generate more visibility, calls, inquiries, and customers for your business like clockwork.

How Is Miss Pepper Differ From Other Services?

There are plenty of ways you can optimize your Google My Business. Pepper Local differs from traditional marketing methods, because she's using Google's API and algorithmic knowledge to make the magic happen.

Miss Pepper Delivers Results

Case Study - Mobile Dent Repair

This client decided they wanted to get more business, and Miss Pepper was able to deliver flawlessly. 

The client went from having several top rankings outside of their primary service area, to owning one of the top 3 slots in their service area for almost all surrounding areas. 

The whole process only took about a week for Miss Pepper to deliver, and they're continuing to enjoy plenty of service calls, customers, and more business than they thought possible.

Case Study - Carpet Cleaning

This particular client was looking to get more business for their location, as they were just starting out. 

With a little bit of help and Miss Pepper, they were able to show up for all of their most competitive keywords within 7 days, taking multiple keywords. They are now receiving dozens of service calls per week for their location.

They are continuing to expand their business, and are looking to add another location in the near future for the volume of calls and customers that they're serving.

What Are You Waiting For? Let’s Improve Your Local Presence!